2019 Best Photos Every year a few photos stop us in our tracks. We asked our team to choose a few of their favorites. From death-defying drop-ins to sweet moments with kids, here are their picks—our best photos published in 2019.
Paige Alms drops into a bomb at Pe’ahi on Maui. For years, Paige and her friends considered the West Bowl as a tow-in only break when it got big, but here she paddles into her own.

Photo: Erik Aeder
After hiking up Little Cottonwood Canyon with block and tackle, come alongs, web slings, shackles and rock bars, the real work begins for Lindsay Anderson.

Photo: Andrew Burr
Airborne in Engelberg. Piers Solomon takes flight over steep ice in Switzerland.

Photo: Oskar Enander
Welcome to the Patagonia Repair Center in Reno, Nevada. We’ll do just about anything to keep your gear in play.

Photo: Ken Etzel
Well above tree line and cooling quickly, Clare Gallagher picks her way down the wind-scoured trail from Chasm Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Photo: Fredrik Marmsater
Tommy Caldwell's hands after a record-breaking run on the Nose with Alex Honnold. His daughter Ingrid, on the right, gives him an ice cream reward.

Photo: Austin Siadak
One of the many wild valleys in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Gwich’in call the coastal plain of ANWR “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins” because it is the birthing and nursing ground of the Porcupine caribou herd.

Photo: Austin Siadak
Doggles—they’re a thing. Kit Roy takes a ride with her furry friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Photo: Drew Smith
David Higman releases an energetic summer-run steelhead back to BC's Dean River.

Photo: Adam Tavender
Friends returning from the mountains gather for the evening asado to swap stories of their adventures in El Chalten, Argentina.

Photo: Jason Thompson
Canyon Woodward and Henny Sullivan cooling off in one of the many cold swimming holes outside of Stehekin, Washington.

Photo: Forest Woodward
Smooth, flowy and frighteningly fast, the iconic Zippity Doo Dah Trail is best described as a high-exposure roller coaster that fries brake pads as easily as it tosses unfocused riders. Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner drop in.

Photo: Carl Zoch
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